Status of SafeMoon Space decentralization

SafeMoon Space protocol is fully decentralized and owned by the community: SafeMoon Space initial developers have no control over it and are not running any servers

Participating in the SafeMoon Space project means sharing the long-term vision that will turn heavy commitment in investments and in the set-up of facilities into a durable and wealth-generating Ecosystem.

Launching Soon

SafeMoon Space is available on uniswap

Token Details

SafeMoon Space token is released on the Ethereum blockchain and will available on Uniswap as soon as possible.


SafeMoon Space


10,000,000,000 SMSP








10,000,000,000 SMSP

Frequently Asked Questions

SMSP is designed to be the most decentralized and secure store of value in crypto, setting a new ethical and equitable standard. While Bitcoin was the first, other cryptos — such as ETH — have much more utility for the DeFi space. In fact, the majority of new crypto projects are built on the Ethereum network, making ETH an important asset. This is why the SMSP Token community chose to back SMSP with ETH, making it a great utility token for an expansive ecosystem of open-source financial tools.
Layman's terms: There are 2 forces affecting the value of SMSP 1) The value of ETH vs the USD and 2) The value of SMSP vs ETH which is affected by buys/sells on Uniswap. Both factors could be going up, both could be going down, or one could be going up while the other one goes down. All cryptocurrencies experience the market conditions from buys/sells of their native token, but no other crypto is backed by ETH such that even if people were selling the token, the value of ETH can carry the value.
In short, no. SMSP only uses Uniswap as a vault to hold ETH for purchasers. No matter what bells and whistles come with V3, V2 will continue to serve its purpose, and may even be seamlessly integrated into the V3 UI. All Uniswap versions are immutable smart contracts with no admin keys, meaning they will never cease to exist and cannot be changed. It is also likely that the community will simply add SMSP liquidity pairs on new popular DEXs that pop up. In the case of some unseen migration necessary in the future, the great majority of the ETH in the SMSP/ETH pool could be removed with consensus from the community.
Truly trustless, with no backdoors, administrative keys, or greedy distribution schedules like other DeFi projects.
Browse to, connect your metamask, click the "Create SMSP Referral Link" button there, and start sharing your link. When someone stakes for a year or longer using the link, your address will begin accumulating daily token rewards throughout the duration of that stake. No purchase required!

Want Proof?

There is a trustless way to verify this information through a public blockchain explorer.

Check on Etherscan View on Uniswap

How to buy (Coming Soon)

Open your Wallet App

Don't have a wallet app ? Download the Metamask extension or get the app for Iphone & Android.

Send $ETH to MetaMask

Get $ETH from an exchange or transfer $ETH from your existing wallet to your MetaMask wallet address.

Connect To Uniswap

Head over to Uniswap and connect your wallet by cliking "Connect Wallet". Get ready to sign when asked for signature.

Swap $ETH For $SMSP

Set the slippage tolerance to 6%-8%. Enter the amount of $ETH you would like to swap and make sure to keep enough $ETH in your wallet for gas fee! Lastly, HODL!

The SafeMoon Space Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token to serve decentralized finance and support sustainable communities everywhere.